Taungana STEM Career Expo Empowers Girls Through Education and Opportunity


How do you build up the next generation of women in STEM? By increasing girls’ exposure to STEM education. The TechWomen Seed Grant initiative Taungana did just that at their recent STEM Career Expo, which took place last month in Johannesburg, South Africa. What is a Seed Grant? Following the … [Read more...]

Program Update: Fall Preview


Since our last program update in April, the TechWomen team at IIESF has been hard at work preparing for the arrival of the next cohort of Emerging Leaders. Participants were selected in June, and TechWomen Mentor applications opened earlier this summer. With Emerging Leaders arriving in just over a … [Read more...]

TechWomen Seed Grant Awardees Launch Innovative Programs to Support Women & Girls in STEM


Following the TechWomen program in October 2013, thirteen groups of Emerging Leader alumnae from Africa and the Middle East were awarded seed grants to help launch innovative new programs to support women and girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in their countries. These … [Read more...]

TechWomen Reaches 10,000 Twitter Followers!


Last week, TechWomen reached 10,000 followers on Twitter. This milestone would not have been possible without our community’s ongoing support for the program and women’s empowerment. With our followership now at 10,000, how far does the community span? Here is a snapshot of what 10,000 Twitter … [Read more...]

2013 Alumnae Build Up the Next Generation of Women Leaders with the Taungana Africa initiative


Later this month, Emerging Leader alumnae from the 2013 TechWomen program will host a STEM Career Expo for 30 rural girls from South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. As one of 13 TechWomen Seed Grant recipients, Taungana endeavors to build up the next generation of women leaders in STEM by exposing … [Read more...]

Connect with Global Women Leaders and Become a TechWomen Cultural Mentor!


The TechWomen program gives Emerging Leaders the chance to enhance their professional network and experience life in the United States. When not at their mentorship working on innovative projects at their host company, TechWomen participants unwind by exploring the diverse and vibrant San Francisco … [Read more...]

#ELoftheDay – Learn about the 2014 Emerging Leaders!


It’s nearly mid-summer, which means we’re getting closer and closer to the start of the 2014 TechWomen program! Since July 14–which marked exactly 78 days before the program’s start–we’ve been counting down the days on our social media pages using the hashtag #ELoftheDay to feature a … [Read more...]

Seeing Technology in a Global Perspective in Rwanda


Guest post by Tina Shakour, Cultural Mentor One of the most surprising things I experienced after participating in the TechWomen delegation trip to Rwanda in February was the number of people who asked about the trip and why I went. People were curious and asked many questions: Why was I … [Read more...]

The Global Reach of the TechWomen Delegation Trips

Delegation Trip Infographicd

Earlier this year, TechWomen Mentors, Emerging Leaders, and representatives from the U.S. Department of State traveled to Rwanda and Morocco for the 2014 delegation trips. Alongside having the option to travel to Washington, DC with the program in October, Cultural Mentors and Professional Mentors … [Read more...]

Become a TechWomen Cultural Mentor!


The 2014 TechWomen Cultural Mentor Application is now open! TechWomen harnesses the power of two types of mentors: Professional Mentors and Cultural Mentors. Each Emerging Leader will be paired with both types of mentors in order provide the most enriching experience for participants both … [Read more...]